dentist emergencyA dental extraction may need to be performed if your tooth can not be restored. Dental extractions are also commonly performed when wisdom teeth need to be removed. Our dentist will carefully evaluate your teeth to determine if an extraction is necessary.

Signs You May Need a Tooth Extraction

If you tooth is causing severe pain or you are suffering from a detrimental situation to your teeth, an extraction might be necessary. A few signs that you might need an extraction include:

    • Impacted teeth
    • Teeth are too large for your mouth
    • Severe tooth decay or infection
    • Extra teeth that is crowded
    • Teeth can’t erupt through gums
    • Damage that can’t be repaired

How to Care for Teeth After Extraction

After a tooth extraction, it’s important that you properly care of your mouth and gums. A few ways to care for your mouth after an extraction include:

  • Use ice to reduce swelling
  • Consume soft foods
  • Avoid vigorously rinsing or spitting
  • Take prescribed painkillers
  • Brush & floss normally

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