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It’s sad but true. Many people put off going to the dentist because their insurance doesn’t help very much with the costs. And aside from dentist prices, many can’t see their preferred dentist because that doctor isn’t considered in-network. Taking care of your dental health shouldn’t be based on factors like these. There should be another way.

Affordable Dental is Possible

If you’re more focused on saving costs with affordable dental services than going to the qualified dentist you’d really like to see, you’re not alone. Many people see some random provider who takes their insurance, and they end up with serious oral issues down the road. As a result, fillings, crowns, and other procedures hit you with unexpected costs. Those who require extensive reconstructive work often pay many thousands of dollars, or sometimes tens of thousands, in out-of-pocket expenses.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Take dentists like Jeffrey S. Thaller DMD in Westfield, NJ.  He goes above and beyond for his family dentistry patients—even when the practice is covered by one dental insurance plan. Dr. Thaller takes the time to submit your bill to your insurance company. And it doesn’t stop with dental insurance. He and many others explore whether medical insurance might cover some costs, and then bill the dental plan for the rest.

For example, dentists can seek medical coverage for the full head, neck and mouth exams they perform when they see a new patient, since the goal is to assess more than just the teeth. Medical insurers can also cover oral problems attributable to an underlying medical condition, such as diabetes or dry mouth, a common side effect of many medications. This is just one of the many excellent routes to affordable dental care.

Experience Family Dentistry with Jeffrey S. Thaller, DMD Many of us don’t know there are ways to get the care we need from a dentist we trust without worrying so much about the costs. With Dr. Thaller, you can. If you’d like a dental experience that’s truly focused on your total well-being, give us a call and we’ll explore your options for dentist prices.